Magnetic Baby Locks

Our company was created by Johnatan Abrams, when he was 29. A technical oriented mind, he carefully chooses and sellects best products form US and International market to tune, test and provide better value for customers.

Because the time passed, a new technologic era had begun, he surrounded himself by young and ambitious people that continues his work under his direct supervision. He still remains the "Everything is checked by me" guy.

Key Features

Extra Strong Magnetic Locks

Little kids are keept away from drawers and cabinets filled with dangerous stuff using Magnetic Baby Locks Gen2, secure every cupboard and drawer that is exposed and easily accessible.

Easy to Install

Magnetic Baby Locks Gen2 is install inside cabinets or drawers, completely out of sight. No screws or drilling needed. The locks can be installed on top, side or bottom of the cabinet and drawers as long as there is flat surface.

Extra Protection

The safety magnetic locks keep your drawers and cabinets locked firmly to prevent some unnecessary dangers and unwanted mess caused by your kids, giving you a peaceful mind. Magnetic Baby Locks Gen2 are great because they are strong enough to keep your child out.

Baby Proofing Can Be Easy

Keep your cabinets securely locked with this magnetic locking system by Abrams Professional. The locks install on the inside of your cabinets, keeping them out of sight and out of reach of curious little hands. They are simple to use and an elegant solution to keeping your children safe and out of harm's way.

Very Convenient to Use

Place the magnetic key gently at the point and the lock will open. Since there is no need for drilling holes or using any tools, these magnetic baby safety locks keep your drawers and cupboards safe from damage. Unique open-switch function.

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Happy Customers

  • Just received it. Exactly as advertised. I secured my kitchen cabinets in no time. Magnets works great. I have 12 units, i only used 9, the other 3 i will keep them as spare. You need a pen or a marker pen to align them properly. I saw instructions and it took me 1 minute for the first lock and then 30 seconds for the following ones. Nice product, I love it!
  • They work great. Installation was pretty easy once I was able to understand the instructions. I didn't have any cracking of my cabinets or cabinet doors even though they are old, cheap doors. To unlock, you just place the key in the general area where the lock is located (on the other side of the door). It's a strong magnet so it will jump to where the lock is, so you don't have to be perfect! You can also flip a switch on the lock to disable it, which is nice if you want the lock disabled temporarily / permanently without having to remove screws. My 10 month old can't open cabinets in the kitchen anymore!
  • Best child lock system ever! If I could give it ten stars, I would. Yes, it's a slight pain at first when you're not used to needing a "key" to open the cabinets, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature to grab the key.
  • Amazing product that keeps the face of my cabinets clear of the annoying baby straps. I finally bought these after constantly replacing the little spring locks after my kids yanked them off. These keep the door locked against the frame and kids haven't been able to get them open or break them. I appreciate that they work for drawers when there is a counter overhand where the spring locks never worked.
  • We have used these locks for the past 10 months and I absolutely love them. We installed them in both the kitchen and bathrooms and they work perfectly. There is a bit of a learning curve to install them – I want to say the first one took over 30 minutes to learn how to line up, but then each subsequent lock took just a couple minutes (as others have noted, there are videos online you can refer to if needed). It also takes a minute to teach visitors how to use them. Now that we have an extremely active toddler they definitely do the trick, holding up even when he pulls on the handles and throws his entire weight back to try and open a cabinet (yes, toddlers do that).
  • These are by far the best child safety locks we have found. They are extremely easy to use. I love that you can switch them into the "off" position if you are constantly opening the drawer (for example while cooking). They are that good. One tip: if you are having a hard time finding the correct spot, hold the magnet loosely. It will be pulled to the right spot. Also on occasion if you pull and it doesn't open, try pushing a bit then pulling.




↪️See the video below for installation instructions ↩️


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